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Privacy Policy

In the furtherance of registering and using the services provided by our website, wholly owned by Logistics Media Pvt. Ltd., time and again, you will be required to submit your contact details such as your name, phone number, email address, residential or official address. Being a packers and movers directory, we would also need to take your moving details such as the name of your initial place of residence or work and your place of relocation. The information (Personal or General) will be used by us for:

1. Checking the authenticity of your Request/Proposal.

2. Accessing your Request/Proposal.

3. Connecting you to the main service providers (Packers and Movers).

The use of your information (Personal or General) is strictly restricted to the above mentioned uses only. Any use of your Information is prohibited and condemned. Your information, as mentioned unambiguously, will not be disclosed on any other platform or be used for marketing or related purposes.

Sharing your Information (Personal or General) with us implies to your definite consent for the use of it (information) for the three purposes mentioned above.

We may also share your information in the circumstance of a compulsion by law and court.

We are earnest to safeguarding the privacy of all the information provided be you as a Web- user and prospective client of PMDIR. We do not sell your information or publicize it. We use your information in good faith. We are bona fide operators and share your information only with genuine packers and movers. You may receive calls, emails or messages from the packers and movers.

We have used all the possible measures, including the electronic, technological, managerial, and physical measures to maintain the confidentiality and purity of the information provided by you.

We are also liable to take actions against a person if the information is fake or unidentified.