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Patna is the capital of Indian State of Bihar. One of the most populated cities in India. Settling to this overpopulated city is very difficult especially if you are from a different region that is south India or from east. Shifting to or from a city is not easy. If you are not good at it, you will end up spending more money and waste a lot of time. If you have the same kind of situation and you do not want to take any kind of extra burden on your shoulder, then you must hire yourself good packers and movers.

Packers and movers in Patna help people to mobilize their belongings from one place to another. The team of experts helps the customers to get the best shifting experience. If you do not hire a logistics company, you will have to face a lot of problems. Some of them are as follows:

  • You will end up spending a hell lot of money. The people who are newbies in this task always end up spending more money for the same task.
  • You will have to run yourself for every small thing. Right from wrapping tape to arranging the carriers, all this has to be done by the individual only.
  • A lot of time has to be put in. Many times the people who are working have to take off from their work just for the sake of packing and shifting the logistics.
  • If you have pre-plans, that will have to be canceled because shifting is a mess. You can’t do it casually.
  • You can also get hurt while shifting heavy and bulky goods.

Reasons why you should hire packers and movers service

There are many more reasons that compel you to hire movers and packers for the sake of shifting. They make it quick and none of the goods are damaged or lost during shifting.

They use premium quality of wrapping material which keeps the goods safe and prevents them from any kind of damage. All the resources and pre-arranged by them and the whole process is completed within few hours. The best part of the procedure is that you do not have to indulge in the work. You can sit on the couch and supervise them.

It is one of the finest services in town which is available at a pocket-friendly rate. The firm charges genuine amount of buck and they are much less than any other firm.

What makes PMDIR a suitable helping hand?

PMDIR helps you to have a smooth and hassle-free shifting. It is always recommended to hire someone for shifting. Spending some money on this is much better the bearing the loss of thousands. They have a customer support who look into all your problems. You can contact them at any time of the day. Special IDs are given to the customers which help them to keep a track on their logistics. If you are looking for some reliable option to hand over your belongings, packers and movers are the ones.

Patna is the city where people just love to live

Patna the city

Patna is the largest city of Indian state of Bihar and also serves as the capital of the state. Patna is the second largest city in East India only after Kolkata. With a population of over 2 million, Patna is the 18th largest agglomeration in India. According to a survey conducted by the World Bank, it is the second easiest city to start a business in India.

Patna falls under Koppen climate classification and has a humid subtropical climate in particular. Summers mostly dominate the region between months of March till June. After summers it is rainfall in the monsoon season starting from June until September that gives some relief to the people from the soaring heat. Patna experiences winter from the month of November till February.

Bihari cuisine is mouthwatering and consists of delicacies which can make you crave for more. A regular Bihari meal comprises Bhaat, Daal, Tarkari, and Roti. Some popular dishes include Sattu Paratha, Chokha, Bihari Kebab, Fish Curry, Malpua, Dal Pitha, and Kheer Makhana. Samosa, Chaat, Litti Chokha are some of the popular snacks from Bihar.

Chhath Puja which is also known as Dala Chhath is the main festival of Patna and is celebrated with huge enthusiasm in the city. Chhath Puja is celebrated twice a year, in summers it is celebrated as Chaiti Chhath, and in winters just after a Diwali as Kartik Chhath. Both men and women celebrate this festival and worship sun god along with fasting for 6 days and other rituals.

For the last 7 fiscal years, GDP of Patna is on an increasing trend and has taken the shape of a sustained economy. The products that have steamrolled the growth of Patna’s economy are sugar, Patna rice, electrical goods, cotton yarn, milk, vegetables, sesame, sugarcane, and fast moving consumer goods.

Public transportation in Patna is primarily auto rickshaws, buses, and local MEMU trains. Auto rickshaws are considered to be the main transportation mode of the city. BSRTC City bus service is provided for on all prominent routes of Patna making transportation within the city extremely easy. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport is located here and offers domestic flights. Patna Junction Railway Station is the main railway station in the city.

Patna has always been the biggest market of the east from ancient times. Patna had markets of cloth, paper, agricultural products, stone, glass, and lots more. Today Patna has some of the best markets and high-end malls that cater to the needs of both middle and upper-class people. It is the most developed city in the state of Bihar and according to a survey conducted by World Bank, it is the second most favorable destination for starting a business in India. All these achievements by the city have made it a ground zero for companies to carry out their operations thus making Patna an employment hub.

The role of packers and movers in Patna in Relocation

If you are also planning to move to Patna, what you need to do is to find the best packers and movers in Patna. The problem starts when people try to find out best movers and packers in Patna, they face many issues where packers and movers promise big but don’t have enough experience in the field.

You don’t need to take stress because PMDIR will let you know where to find best packers and movers in Patna, which provide relocation services at affordable packages. Many of you, will be wondering that how can a web portal assist to get packers and movers in Patna? To inform you, PMDIR is an online directory which has links with leading packers and movers in your city that can help you in hassle free shifting at minimum cost.

To simplify the shifting process to a greater level and to get a better deal, customers are always advised to dispose of all their old stuff. They can do this either by donating these goods to the poor and underprivileged or selling them at markets which are known for selling used goods. There are many such markets in Patna, where one can sell off old goods earn some money are Patna Market, Lhasa Market, and Boring Road. What you need to do to avail services of this directory is to just visit the website and select the city from where you want to move.

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Local Packers and Movers Charges in Patna

Price Breakup House Size 1 BHK (In Rs) 2 BHK (In Rs) 3 Bhk (In Rs)
Packing cost 960 - 2500 1400 - 3800 1900 - 5000
Labour Charges 680 - 1800 1000 - 2700 1300 - 3600
Transport Rates 2360 - 6200 3400 - 9500 4600 - 12400
Total Moving Price 4000 - 10500 5800 - 16000 7800 - 21000

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Packers and Movers Rates in Patna for Domestic Relocation Services Provided by Professional

Distance from Chennai/ House Size 1 BHK (In Rs) 2 BHK (In Rs) 3 Bhk (In Rs)
Up to 350km 10500 - 19500 12500 - 23500 15500 - 27500
350 - 750km 12500 - 22000 14000 - 27500 18000 - 31500
750 - 1200km 14500 - 23500 17500 - 30000 20500 - 35500
1200 - 1700 17000 - 27000 20000 - 33000 23500 - 39000

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