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An Introduction to Jamnagar- The Jewel of Kathiawad

With exquisite examples of Rajput architecture, Jamnagar is one of the lesser known gems of Gujarat. The city of Jamnagar was built around Lakhota Lake. It was formerly the capital of Nawanagar state that was founded by Jam Raval in the year 1540. The city was later renamed as Jamnagar.

The production of brass utensils was the biggest profession here and was therefore called ‘The Brass City of India’. Reliance Petroleum has also has a huge oil refinery in Jamnagar and it s the largest crude oil refinery in the world.

Jamnagar is famous by the name of ‘Chhoti Kashi’. It has several jain and hindu tenple all over the city.  According to a tale, the province where Jamnagar is located now was the exact place where Lord Krishna used to reside when he left Mathura.

After Mumbai, Jamnagar is the only Indian city that has all the three wings of defence: Air Force, Army and Navy.

History of Jamnagar

Jamnagar was founded in 1540 AD. It was one of the most significant princely states of Jadeja’s in the Saurashtra region. According to ancient literature, Lord Krishna was in love with the place and established his kingdom here in Dwarka town when he left Mathura.

Jamnagar is known as the city of temples. Temples of different dynasties are situated here like Swaminarayan Sampraday, Pranami Sampraday, Arya Samaj, Vaishnav Hawali, Aandabawa Ashram and Kabir Ashram.

The city underwent a transformation when Maharaja Jam Ramsinghji planned to modernize it completely and met Sir Edwin Lutyens who was the architect of New Delhi. The new modernization plans were based on modish design elements such as axial roads, big entrance gateway, gardens, residential plots, parks, etc. This, gave the  city the name ‘The Jewel of Kathiawad’. Some of those constructions are still in existence.

Geographical Location of Jamnagar

This city is situated at 22°13’ north latitude and 69°42’ east longitude. It covers a total area of 26.10 sq. km. It is located at the western coast of India in Gulf of Kutchh. In the south, lies the Junagarh district and to the east it has Rajkot. Jamnagar is the administrative district headquarter. It is one of the 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in Gujarat. 

Climate and Weather of Jamnagar

The usual climate of Jamnagar is recognized as ‘Steppe Climate’. The city does not receive much rainfall all year long. The climate is classified as BSH by Koppen-Gieger system. The average temperature of Jamnagar is 27 °C and the annual precipitation of the place is about 487 mm.

Summer season begins in March and continues through the month of June. Summers are quite hot and humid. The maximum temperature of Jamnagar during this season rises up till 40ºC whereas the minimum temperature remains around 24º C.

The monsoon season remains from June to September. July is the month that receives the heaviest rainfall. Jamnagar receives substantial rainfall in the months of August and September. 

Winter starts in October and continues through February.

Demographics, People, and Culture of Jamnagar

Jamnagar has atotal population of 479,920. 10% of total population of Jamnagar is under 6 years of age. The average literacy rate is 82.14% which is higher than the national average. Male and female literacy rates are 86.9% and 77.5% respectively. The sex ratio in Jamnagar, as per 2011 census, is 939 females per 1000 males.

Most of the people reside here are Gujaratis and speak Gujarati as their main language. Kutchhi is the local language used by the natives. The Kathiawadi language is widely used by people for their day to day conversation.

Major communities of Jamnagar are Satvaras, Jadeja, Dalvadis, Yadavs, Patels, Rajputs, Bhanushalis, Jains, Mers, Brahmins, Lohanas, Bhoiraj, Vaghers including Sothariyas and Khavas.

Jamnagar- the Nature-rich Holy City

Jamnagar is rich in natural beauty. Lake Lakhota is a famous tourist attraction in the city. It is full of 75 varieties of birds. In the Gulf of Kutch, there are 42 islands. These islands have coral reef and also have unspoilt sandy beaches and mangrove swamps. They are full of corals, sea shells, birds, marine life, octopus etc. It has several hills with temples on their top, palaces, old buildings with intricate designs, forest which is occupied with leopards, jungle cats, jackals, wolves, blue bulls, monkeys, hyena, varieties of snakes etc. There is a bird sanctuary in the city that has more than 250 varieties of birds. There is a marine national park situated on southern shore of Gulf of Kutch. The marine national park of Jamnagar is the only Indian marine sanctuary. It is located on Pirotan which is a coral reef island.

Jamnagar is famous for its temples. The four marble Jain temples are Raisi Shah Temple, Vardhaman Shah Temple, Vasupujya Swami Temple and Sheth Temple. These temples were built in 16th century between 1547 and 1622. Bala Hanuman Temple is a famous Hindu located on the southeast corner of the lake Lakhota and is listed in Guinness Book for the longest continuous chanting of “Ram Dhun”.

Economic Status of Jamnagar

The city of Jamnagar has a mushrooming economy. The economic growth can be attributed to several prosperous businesses, industries and trades such as  handicrafts, dye fabric and brass products aka Bandhani. Some of the notable metal industries are:

  1. Atlas Metal Industry
  2. Bharat Precision Industries
  3. Bhagyodaya Industries
  4. Zenith Industries
  5. Patel Group of Industries

World’s largest oil refinery is located in Jamnagar. Tourism is one of the most important factors of rising economy.

Transportation System in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is well-connected to other cities in India. The transport system plays a crucial part in it. The residents and tourists are benefited as there are numerous modes of transport available in the city. There is a good connectivity of tourist buses and taxis.

Bus Service in Jamnagar

The network of transportation in Jamnagar is well-planned. NH-8 passes through the city that connects Somnath to Dwarka and Porbandar. Jamnagar is connected to Gandhinagar (337km), Ahmedabad (313km), Vapi (638km), Vadodara (382km), Rajkot (88km), Palanpur (459km) etc. by the means of roadways.

State transport buses link Jamnagar to all the cities and villages of Gujarat. The main bus depot of the district is ST bus depot. Both luxury and regular busses are easily available.

Railway Transport in Jamnagar

Jamnagar railway station has trains running to major cities of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Varanasi, etc. Hapa junction is quite a convenient rail-head on the broad gauge terminus that connects Porbandar and Okha.

Airport in Jamnagar

There is a domestic airport that connects the city to other major Indian cities and destinations. The airport of Jamnagar is located 10 kilometers away from the main city center.

Shipyard Ports

The 355 kilometers long coastline in Jamnagar consists of 9 ports. Okha, Sikka and Bedi are major ports here while Bet (Dwarka), Pidara, Jodiya and Salaya are minor ports. Bedi is connected with rest of India by broad gauge railway lines. Jamnagar railway station is the nearest to this port, which is approx. 7 kilometers away from the port.

Local Transport Jamnagar

If you want to move within the city, there are many alternatives like buses, taxis, auto rickshaws. Jamnagar has excellent local bus service. Most of the buses are available from the Town Hall area.

Auto rickshaw and taxis are 2 of the most preferred modes of transportation for the people here. It is easily available and affordable.

Jamnagar and Sports

Jamnagar is a royal urban city that was built by Maharaja Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji. Apart from ruling over Nawanagar, the Maharaja was a cricketer par excellence. He played first-class cricket in England. He also has played test cricket for India.

Cricket in Jamnagar

Even today, the ‘Ranji Trophy’ tournament honors this scion of a Royal family. The noble family did much for this sports in India and the city of Jamnagar as well. The prestigious ‘Duleep Trophy’ cricket event also owes its origins to Raja Shri Duleepsinhji who was the nephew of Maharaj Ranjitsinhji. Ravindra Jadeja and Ajay Jadeja are 2 top cricketers from to Jamnagar. They have played several matches for India.

Sports Stadiums and Clubs in Jamnagar

Summair Sports is one of the oldest and famous sports clubs established about 80 years ago in Jamnagar by Kumar Shri Summaisinhji, king of Jodhpur. It promotes badminton, swimming, billiards, skating, table tennis, tennis and squash. It also hosts state level tournaments on a regular basis. It hosts the ‘Open Gujarat Table Tennis’ championship every year and offers coaching facility to youngsters in several sports.  

The residents of Jamnagar loves sports and that is why Vishwanath Vyayam Pracharak Mandal along with Jamnagar Municipal Corporation jointly working to construct a world-class sporting complex with the facilities like snooker, badminton, table tennis, billiards, cricket, football, hockey and swimming pool. The complex is spread over 13569 m2. The land for this stadium was donated by the Royal family to Vishwanath Vyayam Pracharak Mandal.

The Jamnagar Sports Sankul is one of the biggest sports complexes located near Pancheshwar Tower. Jamnagar operates a very big tennis court named INS Valsura on Barrack Marg to popularize the game and promote it among young talents.

Sports Coaching in Jamnagar

Government agencies, Municipal Corporation and the private clubs actively promote the culture of sports. Apart from sporting clubs, several prominent schools have started their own sporting facilities. They also offer coaching and training sessions for their students to prepare them for the competition at different levels.

Dwarka is close to Jamnagar and you’ll find Sports Club that offer several Scuba Diving courses along with, Scuba instructor programs and Snorkeling. This is a private initiative that promotes sea sporting activities. It is well received by the locals in the city.

Prominent Marketplaces in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is one of the major travel destinations in India. Apart from scenic beauties, historical monuments and the temples, it has lively bazaars all across the city.

Jamnagar is famous for its ‘Bandhani’ work. Along with colorful clothes, markets in Jamnagar sell a variety of other articles. Produced goods like bangles decorated in brass, paperweights made up of agate, beetle nut crackers, kajal, surma, kumkum and brass covered wooden trunks are some of the popular items to buy.

Some of the famous markets of Jamnagar are Willingdon Crescent, Chandi Bazaar, Lindi Bazaar, and Jamnagar Super Market.

Best Places to Eat In Jamnagar

Gujarat is a paradise for the foodies and especially for vegetarians. Restaurants here mostly serve authentic and mouthwatering Gujarati cuisine. However, there are some selective restaurants in the city which serve non-vegetarian dishes. Fast food joints as well as a few restaurants are there which serve Continental, Mughlai, North Indian, Punjabi, Seafood and South Indian cuisine. Restaurants and eateries along Hapa Road, Arya Samaj Road and Bhidbhanjan Road are recommended.

Popular Shopping Malls in Jamnagar

The city of Jamnagar is one of the major shopping destinations in Gujarat. The city has a few shopping malls for shopping enthusiast.

  1. Crystal Mall
  2. Shopping Plaza
  3. Neo Square Shopping Mall
  4. Reliance Mall
  5. Green Arcade
  6. V3S Shopping Mall
  7. Lenovo Lite Mall

Places of Tourist Interest in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is a beautiful tourist destination. It has scenic beauty, historical places and famous Hindu and Jain temples. The places of tourist interest are listed here.

Natural and Scenic Beauty:

  1. Marine National Park
  2. Lakhota Lake
  3. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary
  4. Balachadi Beach
  5. Shivraj Beach
  6. Okha Madhi
  7. Ranmal Lake
  8. Barda Sanctuary

Historical Places

  1. Kotha Bastion
  2. Lakhotia Fort
  3. Pratap Vilas Palace
  4. Rashtriya Shala
  5. Darbadgarh Palace
  6. Watson Museum
  7. Radhika Art Gallery
  8. Tower of Mandavi
  9. Positra

Famous Temples in Jamnagar

  1. Swaminarayan Temple
  2. Bhid Bhajan Temple
  3. Shaninath Temple
  4. Vardhman Shah Temple
  5. Bala Hanuman Temple
  6. Raisi Shah Temple
  7. Vardhaman Shah Temple
  8. Vasupujya Swami Temple
  9. Sheth Temple

Healthcare Facilities in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is one of the major cities of Gujarat. It has great and efficient health care facilities. Some of the major hospitals and healthcare centers are:

  1. Falia Hospital
  2. Gaurav Hospital
  3. Jeevandeep Healthcare Pvt Ltd
  4. Kalrav Children Hospital
  5. Maheshwari Orthopaedic Hospital
  6. Punatar Hospital
  7. Rathi Hospital
  8. Shingala Hospital
  9. Vakharia Orthopaedics Hospital

Ayurveda Clinics in Jamnagar

  1. Hetal Ayurvedic Center
  2. Baba Ramdev Patanjali Chikitsalaya
  3. Patel Clinic
  4. Shreji Clinic
  5. Dhanavtory Depot
  6. Prayag Ayurvedic
  7. Shashikant Clinic
  8. Dr. Sudhaban Ayurveda
  9. Dr. D. Pande Deepak Ayur
  10. Parmar Ayurvedic Clinic

Education Facility in Jamnagar

The literacy rate of Jamnagar impressively says everything about the educational facilities in the city. The city is flooded with several top-class educational institutions. Some of the significant schools in jamnagar are:

  1. Devang Primary School
  2. Dheba Vadi Shala
  3. Nani Bhagedi Taluka Shala
  4. Khari Vadi Shala Jamnagar
  5. Dhandha Primary School
  6. Shishang Primary School
  7. Saraswati Shishu Mandir
  8. Raval Taluka Shala-2
  9. Hemariya Vadi Shala
  10. Simanikalawad Primary School
  11. Naghedi Khan Primary
  12. Vinjalpar Vadi Shala
  13. Gyanjyot Primary School (Eng.)
  14. Moti Khavdi Kanya Shla
  15. Fadsar Taluka Shala
  16. Fagas Vadi Shala
  17. Ghanganga Vidhiyalay
  18. Modpur Taluka Shala
  19. Modpur Vadi Shala
  20. Bhatiya Kanya Shala
  21. Nathuvadla Primary School
  22. Yadavnagar Primary School
  23. Matva Primary School
  24. Kuranga Primary School
  25. Dabasang Primary School
  26. Murila Primary School
  27. Setalus Primary School
  28. Mota Ashota Vadi Shala
  29. Nagar Primary School No. 24
  30. Vegha Primary School

List of notable Colleges in Jamnagar

  1. Vidyasagar Infotech College
  2. Ayurved College
  3. V M Mehta Muni Arts and Commerce College
  4. M P Shah Medical College
  5. M P Shah Commerce College
  6. K P Shah Law College
  7. Harkant M Pandya
  8. D K V College
  9. Ayurved University
  10. D K V Science And Arts College
  11. Harkant M Pandya College
  12. K P Shah Law College

Employment Opportunities in Jamnagar

Jamnagar offers huge employment opportunities to the people in both public and private sectors. It is a major industrial city of India. With the presence of ample companies, there is is huge demand opportunity for employment. Some of them are mentioned below:

Private Sectors Units in Jamnagar

  1. Essar Group
  2. Niho Construction Limited
  3. Reliance Jamnagar Infrastructure
  4. Larsen and Toubro
  5. Reliance Group of Industries
  6. Gayatri Group of Industries
  7. Essar Group of Industries
  8. Ashapura Group of Industries
  9. Accurate Logistics
  10. Akshar exports
  11. Shree Arvind Group of Industries

Public Sectors Units in Jamnagar

  1. Jamnagar Power Plant
  2. Gujarat Gas
  3. State Bank of India
  4. Jamnagar Refinery
  5. District Industries Center
  6. Gujarat Energy Transmission Commission
  7. Indian Coast Guard

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