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North-facing House Vastu: All You Need to Know!!!
     05 Aug, 2021

North-facing House Vastu: All You Need to Know!!!

While shifting to a new house or buying one, many people pay attention to the direction in which their house is. Many people are a believer of Vastu. They prefer the placement of goods according to it. Even some people also prefer houses facing a particular direction. While shifting from one place to another, this factor also moderates the choice. People believe that the direction in which the house is facing can bring you good/bad luck. It makes a lot of difference.

According to Vastu shastra, the north, north-east, and east-facing houses are very auspicious. Though this is not the sole energy determinant in a house still many people prefer this direction, especially the north one. The north direction is supposed to be dedicated to Kuber, the God of wealth. So it is believed that people who live in north-facing houses have an auspicious and well-off life.

In the house which is north facing, the main door should also be north-facing only. Other things in the house that should be north-facing only are slopes in the house. One should avoid a plot whose slope is from south to north. Avoid having a kitchen in the northeast corner. One should never keep trash in the northeast corner of the house, it can have a negative impact on the financial status and development of the children in a family.

Trees should not be in the north corner of the house. The electric circuit board south be in the south-east zone for even distribution of energy throughout the house. The pooja room should be in the northeast while the guest room is in the northwest. The kitchen should also be preferred in the northwest direction. Do not place the staircase in the north direction. It may cause financial difficulties. The stairs should be in a clockwise direction.

North-facing housing or workplace can be beneficial for those people who are into the businesses or deal in finance, like accountants, bankers, investors, stock market traders, chartered accountants, and brokers, etc. It leads to their growth and prosperity.

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