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Willing to Relocate to Hometown in A Pandemic? Read the Inside Story!
     22 Jul, 2021

Willing to Relocate to Hometown in A Pandemic? Read the Inside Story!

TheCoronavirus has toppled our life upside down; it is needless to mention that it is without a doubt not easy to escape from the contagion. The onus is on the public to follow the rules to curtail the infection and its risk. Covid-19 has not only affected our health, but it has brought changes in our lifestyle, be it maintaining social distancing or Working from Home. 

All the big companies and MNCs are switching to long-term work from home due to the pandemic. They are committed to the safety of their employees and aim to fight the global pandemic effectively. In addition, it reduces one-to-one contact at work, thereby lowering the risk of infection.

Are you planning to relocate to your hometown? Are you looking for an easy and low-risk move? Here will get pro tips to help you move amid the pandemic safely without any issue. Now that you can work remotely, the best bet is to move to your hometown. It is needless to mention that working from your hometown would be more cost-effective as you can save on your bills and house rent. Are you skeptical and anxious about shifting in a pandemic? And questions like these are buzzing in your head about how you will move and the risk factors involved. 

Only reliable packers and movers will help to move from your current residence to your hometown. Here we bring you some points you must keep when hiring movers and packers for a safe and healthy relocation.    

Protection strategies for relocation amid Covid-19

Choose packers and movers cautiously: Hire movers and packers that follow and adhere to all the norms laid out by the government and public health agencies. Do research about the precautions packers and movers undertake in a bid to reduce the risk of contagion.

Try to know about safety measures they will adopt right from packing to unpacking your goods. Do not settle for mediocre packers and movers during these unprecedented times. It is mandatory to hire service providers who follow the new safety code of behavior for COVID-19, as directed by the state. Try to communicate with the service provider about all your doubts and queries about what extra safety measures packers and movers offer on the day of shifting. For instance, probe about the packers and movers sanitization process. The team of professionals should come with all the supplies such as masks, gloves, face shields, boots, and sanitizer. Know about the member of the team they sent on the day of the relocation. It is necessary to get answers to all your doubts and queries, and once satisfied, hire the best one for a seamless and stress-free relocation.

  • Ditch the pre-move survey: To avoid the risk of infection; one must stay indoors and practice social distancing. A pre-move survey where the team of professionals visits your place. And in times like these, it is better to avoid close contact with people. The best way is to go ahead with a virtual survey to give them an idea about the type of move. Furthermore, you can record a video and send it to them. You can also make a video call to packers and movers to get them an idea about your place.
  • Sanitize and disinfect your abode: It is a two-way process; one-sided safety measures will not reduce the infection risk. You must disinfect and sanitize the house. One must frequently sanitize high touchpoints in your home like doorknobs, slabs, faucet, handles, light switches, keys, cellphones, and any other stuff touched often and frequently. It is indispensable to keep a check on these things to ensure the safety of both parties. Wash your hands frequently. You can also request a team of professionals to wash hands frequently to dodge and mitigate the risk of COVID -19 contagion.
  • Maintain social distancing during the move: Maintaining an arms distance is vital to reduce the risk of covid-19infection. The right way is to maintain an arms distance despite having a mask, face shields, and gloves. It is necessary to maintain distance while work is in progressKeep all the doors and windows open to ensure proper ventilation in the area where the work is in progress. In addition, if you have children and the elderly at home, ensure that they do not come in contact with the team. Try to engage kids in other activities to avoid them intermingle with the packers and movers team. Often kids are excited you can give them their favorite game to which they can stick for hours.
  • Transportation in COVID-19: Ensure all the cartons and boxes are sanitized properly before loading on the wagon. If possible, ask to sanitize the wagon as this will minimize the risk of infection. Although movers and packers take all the precautions to give you safe and secure damage-free delivery due to anon-ground COVID 19 situation, it may take time to reach your place especially, if you are moving intercity.
  • Fumigate your new residence: before unpacking the stuff, it is vital to disinfect your home. In addition, you can also hire professional services to disinfect the nook and corner of your home before you unpack and settle your stuff. In addition, if possible, keep all the household items and essentials in an open area or under sunlight for one OR two days. 

You can disinfect them also before unpacking them. After all your stuff is unpacked and assembled, you can disinfect your place again after two or three days or as per your desire. These tips would help you reduce the risk of infection, and you can relocate seamlessly and with peace of mind. Following the guidelines rolled out by the government is very important. Follow guidelines seriously ensure the team of packers and movers are following all the norms and rules. Follow safety norms to avoid the risk of infection. With these few tips and tricks, you can relocate to your hometown safely.

It is necessary to follow all the precautions while moving and otherwise as well. It is our social responsibility to practice all the SOP’s to reduce the risk of infection. The team of packers and movers practice all the norms and precautions by the governing bodies to carry out the business. On the other hand, you must follow all the rules as well. It is better to take strict preventive measures in these unprecedented times for a safe moving experience amidst pandemic.

So, now you can WORK FROM your HOME without being away from your family and friends. We aim to give you seamless and risk-free moving services from our end.