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Relevant Paperwork You Should Do Before Shifting
     06 Oct, 2020

Relevant Paperwork You Should Do Before Shifting

Shifting from one place to another is a hectic task not just because it includes a lot of labor, time, and attention but also because there is a lot of paperwork associated with shifting.

Even though you can always have a hassle-free shifting experience by hiring packers and movers. However, even with the movers and packers service by your side, there are certain things that you and only you can take care of and perform. One of the few tasks is the completion of the paper works. In order to avoid any hurdles during or after the relocation is done.

Clear All Your Bills - You need to clear all the bills and dues of the services availed by you in your previous house. These include electricity bills, domestic help, rent, etc. Make sure you take proper receipts from the service providers.

Official Paperwork - You have to change the address in the bank accounts, Aadhar Cards, voter ids, driving licenses, and other identification proofs. Also, you need to get the transfer certificates of your kids and clear their fees.

Social Security Cards - Social security offices, particularly those located in large cities, can be overwhelming and busy. Not having your original social security card will cost you a good half-day of waiting in line, and up to two weeks before the replacement card arrives in the mail. Having a social security card handy is of special importance for those born abroad since they’re more likely to have to prove their right to work in the United States.

Packers and Movers - If you are seeking help from a relocation service then you have to take care of the paperwork related to them. First of all, you need to have a written account of everything. The bill paid, date of hire, number of working days, etc. you must check whether or not the company you hired. Some other points to keep in mind while taking help from packers and movers in Mumbai are - 

  • Always go with government registered companies, Limited or Private Limited. 
  • Avoid any proprietor or local packers & movers. 
  • Better go with some recommended packers & movers and avoid any unknown and local packers & movers. 
  • Call them and judge whether seems genuine and reliable or licensed.

Birth Certificates - Most of us don’t realize the value of our birth certificate until it is too late, and we find ourselves needing to provide government offices or private entities evidence of our age, place of birth, and the right to citizenship by birth. You’ll need to have your birth certificate in order to secure a copy of your social security card. The birth certificate is also needed when requesting a driver’s license for the first time when you don’t have a passport. Having this document handy will also be useful during probate if you are included in a will and likely to inherit from someone who has passed away.

These are the following paper works that one must do before shifting.