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What are Some Hidden Moving Scams You Should Be Aware Of?
     22 Jul, 2020

What are Some Hidden Moving Scams You Should Be Aware Of?

There are many scam packers and movers out there who will look honest and trustworthy too. They'll work just like the licensed movers and packers and you'll lose a lot more than money once you get into their net. Since technology is becoming so advanced and feasible, it has become extremely easy to set traps for innocent customers and clients. But as they say, ‘every bad thing can be avoided with a little precaution’, we have a solution for these fake packers and movers in BengaluruHowever, we don’t promise you that you won’t come across such shady moving companies or that they will cease to exist but we do assure you that if you follow the tips written below you will easily save yourself from their clutches.

  • Always look out of authentic and high- rated home relocation service providers. Make sure that have positive reviews, functioning customer care unit, and is willing to offer you an estimate without charging any extra money.
  • If you are doubtful about the authenticity of the movers and packers, ask the customer care unit to offer you legal documents such as registration certificate, etc. Also, if there are feedbacks from previous clients, you can contact them through e-mail as well.
  • Compare them with other moving companies and see if they are competitive enough and appear legit even when other companies are on the list too. Unusually reduced prices and increased services also signify some mystery unless a special discount offer for a limited period is going on.
  • There are many fraud companies that copy the names of other famous brands and change them slightly. People without realizing that it is a different company, hire their services and are looted. Make sure that when you look out to a brand, you access its original website only.
  • Don’t hire just any moving company only because it provides the lowest estimate. This is the simplest and most common trick used by shady companies to attract clients.
  • On the day of moving if you feel that the movers and packers are not working properly or appear to be dubious, take immediate action.
  • Make sure that you have a copy of insurance papers with you right from the fixing of the deal until all the items are moved and unpacked.

If the house shifting company you hired, are authentic then they will follow a certain set of codes and will make sure that you get then most satisfies services but if the company is fake and sull of scams then they will impart various red flags from the beginning, here are some of the scams that will make you feel like they are not authentic:

They will demand cash in advance: Generally speaking, you are required to make full payment upon arrival. When you pay the Transport Services in advance you will have little leverage of your possessions. you will have no clue when you will get to see them again. therefore, you're advised to pay online, or instead use plastic money. This will definitely keep you safe against any fraudulent activity.

Unfair packing charges:Packing is an integral aspect while moving. The authentic packers and movers companies will charge for this service before and. However, if you pack your belongings on your own, the house relocation service provider is not supposed to charge for this function. Definitely, if you are packing your own stuff, you’re cutting back on inflated prices for packing charges and the material, besides the time and labor.