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Top DIY Tips to Decorate Your House During the Lockdown
     06 Jul, 2020

Top DIY Tips to Decorate Your House During the Lockdown

The world has been on hold because of the pandemic disease that is the coronavirus. Since the disease is communicable, people have been asked to stay at home. All the entertainment spots like malls, cinema halls, shopping complexes, offices, schools, colleges, universities have been lockdown. The employees of the company (government and private) both have been asked to work from home and even children are studying and completing their course via online classes.

As it is said, there is something good in everything. Since the whole family is staying at home, you get ample time to spend with them. Now people who were busy in their daily routine and jobs get to spend time with their family and kids. The cooks together, parents are helping their children to study, watch movies, do something innovative, etc. This is helping to bring the family together and make the bond stronger. If you have done home shifting lately before the lockdown, you would have not got the time to decorate your house. This is the perfect time to do so. Here are some DIY tips that will help you to decorate your house and make it more beautiful:

  • Start with cleaning the house. There are many corners in the house that are not properly cleaned. Make sure you clean all the shelves of the cupboard and kitchen too. Dusting is also important. Clean all the racks, windowpane, doors, etc with a cloth. Wash the tiles or marbles.
  • Garden is the attractive point of the house. One can opt for gardening during this lockdown. It is a great hobby and provides peace to mind. One can grow plants with beautiful flowers and can practice the kitchen garden as well.
  • One can make curtains out of old sarees. Use the embroidered sarees to make beautiful cushion covers and resembling curtains.
  • If you have a porch or lobby and you know how to paint, one can paint the lobby with bright colors. It will give your house an aesthetic look.
  • One can decorate the room with fairy lights and making something out of paper. Origami can be practiced and put in the room. Try making photo frames and have a family photo frame at your wall.
  • One can make lamps out of used bottles. Decorate or paint the bottle and use it as a lamp. You can also make artificial flowers out of paper and use those decorated bottles as a vase.
  • Use your old dupattas or stoles to create small curtains for the window panes. You can also make wind chains or the paper hangings for the window.
  • Use old wooden boxes to create a library in your living area. You will just need to stick them together and paint them.

All these DIY will change the look of your house entirely. It will look more beautiful and lively. The best part is you will get to spend time with your family and your time will pass very easily.

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