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The Ultimate Guide for Address Change Before Shifting
     23 Jun, 2020

The Ultimate Guide for Address Change Before Shifting

Shifting is a tedious process. Now and then people tend to hop from one place to another. The reason behind it is the need for something better. People like to have a good job, a working environment, a good society to live in, surround themselves with better people. These are the reasons which mainly lead to change in your house. It is not as easy as it seems. People have their fixed schedule according to which they work. Any alteration in that can be hectic for a person. On top of that shifting is not a one-man army’s task especially when it comes to house shifting.

Movers and packers aim at making life easy for their clients. They provide all the possible services to make them stress-free. Packers and Movers in Delhi fossick in the bag full of inventive ideas to impart excellent service and are strongly determined to completely satisfy the clients in the process of relocation. They deliver varied services to their clients especially in the key areas of household shifting and office cargo shifting.

Some of the common services provided by the best packers and movers are as follows:

  • House shifting
  • Office Shifting
  • Pet Relocation
  • Vehicle Relocation
  • Storage and Warehousing

Change in Address Before Shifting

One of the main problems that arise when you shift your house is to change the address of the house. This is very necessary as all the documents and bills are posted on the same address. Here is the ultimate guide to change the address before shifting to a new house:

  • The post office should be the first place where you need to change the address. Visit the local office to update the address. The request takes almost 1 week to make the changes.
  • If you have a landline phone or postpaid connection, inform the service provider about the new address. By informing them, they will send the bills on time to the new address and without facing any difficulties. The same is the case with an internet connection. But both these requests should be filed at least before 3 to 4 days for uninterrupted connection.
  • TV cable connection service provider should also be informed. Entertainment is an essential part of our lives. Make sure that you do it.
  • Insurance companies also need to be informed about the new address. This helps in delivering important information.
  • The bank should also be informed. You can change the address simply by going to their official website. You can do it by yourself simply by login to the banks’ internet baking application.

Other important places where you need to update your address are Electricity and water supply, Gas Agencies, Tax Agencies, Schools, Online Shopping Websites, etc. Do not forget to inform your close friends and relatives. Hire a good and reliable shifting firm today and have an easy and safe relocation in no time.