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What to do at Home During Quarantine?
     27 Apr, 2020

What to do at Home During Quarantine?

As COVID-19 social distancing and self-quarantining continue, some of us may be going stir crazy, not able to go and do the things we’re used to. Now is the time to relax, but when you’ve been cooped up for weeks, and still can’t hit the malls or movie theatres, how can you spend your time?

A lot of us tries to be productive and stay positive but let's face it when a situation like these arises it is not easy to be positive and productive all the time but we can try to get involved in new things maybe acquire a new hobby and a lot more.

Here are a few things that one could do during quarantine:

  • Read a rare book: What will a bibliophile do when their refuge, known to most non-book aficionados as a library, is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? To the escape, it is the Internet Archive. The organization has established what it called a National Emergency Library, lifting all waiting lists for more than 1.4 million books by June 30, or the nationwide pandemic termination. So go ahead and read a new book every day.
  • Meditate: Meditation is one of the best things you can do to alleviate depression and improve your health right now. If you're like the rest of us, you're lying there, trying to "silence" your mind ... and then thinking "Ok, now what? "Download Aura, a meditation and awareness-walking device. It provides free three-month membership, providing unrestricted access to their expert-created meditations on mindfulness, life coaching, inspirational stories, and songs.
  • Journaling to the rescue: Watching Tiger King on Netflix sitting at home may not seem like you're doing a thing, but you're living through a huge historical experience that people can remember and think about for decades after it's all over. Publishing a newspaper will not only help you retain your memories but will also help you express your emotions during this moment, which makes you feel exciting and incredibly dull at the same moment. You might consider making it a journal of thanks, too.
  • Get organized and deep clean your house: We know that home shifting is not possible during quarantine shifting the stuff within the house is. It is your chance to clean your house and get rid of all those unwanted things that you always wanted to throw out.
  • Learn a new craft, hobby: Try how to use Silhouette or Circuit with one of those high-tech paper painting devices gathering dust on the shelf. You will use them not only for scrapbooking (although it will be a wonderful time to look through all those pictures in boxes and on your phone) but also for making clothes, jewelry, and wall art. Seek to crochet. You just need some thread, if you knead your palm, you don't do to need needles. Or you can just try to sculpt.
  • Learn a new language: Like to learn how to say, in five other languages, "quarantine stinks"? Now is a perfect time to learn a foreign language, or practice it. Duolingo is an easy to use, totally free software providing regular lessons in 35 different languages. You can pick a standard such as English, Spanish or Cantonese, or you can branch out with Cherokee, Esperanto, and Klingon or High Valyrian (we don't Kidd).
  • Perfect the skills you already had: lockdown or quarantine is a great time to not only acquire a new hobby but to also work upon your already existing skills. For instance, if you are good at baking then try new recipes or if you have necked for dancing then learn a new dance routine every day.