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Top 10 Expensive Cities in India to Live
     26 Dec, 2019

Top 10 Expensive Cities in India to Live

India has grown bit by bit into one of the top three countries that are touted to have the strongest market in the upcoming decades. India’s financial system is emerging immensely which has led people to migrate from villages into the cities. There are a lot of options for people to opt depending upon which city they hope to settle in.

Here is the list of top ten most expensive cities to live in India. Below is a record showing the distribution of the per capita income of Indians all across the country. The states having the highest per capita income have the most expensive cities. It is really simple when you think about it. The states which are the most developed have the highest per capita income as they create more employment. Opportunities for employment support people to move to cities, therefore pushing up rents and the cost of living.

  • Gurugram Gurugram tops the list as this city is recognized as the most expensive city in India. A city that hardly existed a few decades ago is now a house to abundant shopping malls, various golf courses and a number of luxury shops. Ultra-luxurious sports cars glisten in automobile showrooms.
  • Delhi The capital of India is also one of the priciest cities in India to breathe in. Being the major authority center, it has the head offices of almost every company from all industries like telecom, building and real estate, health services, manufacturing to automobiles. Delhi attracts people from all over the country which has resulted in the massive increase in property prices in the city.
  • Mumbai The city of dreams and ideas, Mumbai is the third most costly city in India. Mumbai’s land market is ranked 10th most expensive internationally. India’s most important television and entertainment quarters are based in Mumbai.
  • Bangalore The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the fourth most expensive city to survive in India. Bangalore was also entitled as “Beta World City” and is incorporated on the list of top global cities. The real estate prices in Bangalore are yet again skyscraping.
  • Chennai Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and the fifth most luxurious city of India. It is the territory for the world’s best well-known companies. This city is also an IT center with other industries like remedial services and automobiles also thriving, entitling it to the tag of one of the priciest cities in India.
  • Hyderabad The City of Pearls- Hyderabad is not only a densely inhabited metropolitan city but also the most important center of IT manufacturing and home to a lot of pharmacy and biotechnology companies.
  • Pune Pune is the seventh-largest metropolitan city in India and the second biggest city of Maharashtra. Ever since the city initiates efforts to perk up the housing societies, the financial system of Pune has experienced a considerable explosion.
  • Ahmedabad The capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is the eighth-most posh cities to reside in India. IMRB has ranked this city as the most excellent mega city to breathe in! Being the leading exporter of jewelry and producer of denim, Ahmedabad is a manufacturing and trading hub!
  • Chandigarh -  First and the best-planned city of India and recognized for its structural design all over the world, Chandigarh is the ninth most luxurious city in India to live in. It is the cleanest city of India with the maximum per capita income in the country with the uniqueness of being the capital of the two states of Punjab and Haryana.
  • Jaipur The Pink City- Jaipur is also one of the finest planned cities in India. The construction of Jaipur is steeped under crowned heads. With the chief export businesses of gold, diamond and stone jewelry Jaipur has started getting international identification. It is also one of the most significant tourist destinations in India.

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So, these were the ten most expensive cities in India to live in. Now you know where you can splurge your money correctly!