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Clutter Clearing Steps to De-clutter Your House Before Moving
     15 Oct, 2019

Clutter Clearing Steps to De-clutter Your House Before Moving

It doesn't make sense to move an overflowing junk drawer or closets full of stuff you didn't even know you owned. When you transport, all these extra items will have to be packed so schlepped; and if you hire a moving company, you'll pay more to move stuff that you won't want in your new place.

You can sell them if you review all the things in your house and it turns out that you don't use or need half of them! When you decide to declutter your home before moving, you need to start at least a couple of months before your last day so you have time to sell at least some of the items.

Decluttering is an essential part of the whole moving process if you are seeking help from packers and movers then they might as well help you to get rid of all the unwanted stuff but just in  case you are planning to do it all on your own then here is how you can easily declutter your house:

  • Give Yourself Time - Don't wait until the movers arrive the day before they decide what to pack and what to get rid of. Then, schedule ahead of time at least two weeks. Set out to tackle a different room or wardrobe in your home a few hours a day. You're not going to be tempted by operating in smaller chunks to just throw it all in boxes and do it.
  • Start a Necessities Box - An essentials box includes everything you’ll need the day you move in, such as a roll of toilet paper, a box cutter, a hammer, and nails. Mark the box and keep it with you while you move so you can dive right in without digging through all your boxes looking for a necessity.
  • Employ the Practicality Test - If you’re not sure you should keep or donate something, ask yourself – honestly! – if you’ll use it. For example, set a time limit for clothes. If in a year you haven't worn it, you're probably not going to wear it again, so throw it in the donation box. Search for duplicates with plates, towels or kitchen utensils. Whereas having three sets of sheets might be good, one or two will do it. For hand towels and spatulas, the same applies.
  • Check Expiration Dates -Chances are that your bathroom or pantry includes a few things that have gone past their lifespan. Look for an expiration date before packing it, and think back when you ordered it. Spices may last for years, but after six months or so, they lose potency. If for a while you've had that spice bowl, open it up and taste the contents. If you don't get the spice's strong whiff, you can chuck the pot. Most makeup products like mascara and concealer expire after one year in the bathroom. While using old makeup won't harm you, it's a great time to throw away things you haven't used in years.
  • Donate or Sell -Either sell what you don't want or donate it to charity once you've done searching through every room in your house. Eventually, you'll get rid of that clutter and you'll make some cash (or a tax deduction) to help offset the cost of moving.

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